Fee Based Circles.  For the ongoing, free drum circles, choose “Public Drum Circles” here or above.

A Rhythm Circle uses hand drums and other percussion instruments to make "in-the-moment" music. It is a very powerful experience of unity and also a whole lot of fun! We'll tap, pound, shake and clang our way to a musical, magical place of joy! No prior musical skills are necessary! Facilitator Tom Gill makes it easy to "feel the beat" and discover how each person's sound helps the group song.  

We'll play hand drums, bells, shakers, wooden blocks and perhaps some unique home-made or "found sound" instruments (a pan that makes good pancakes may have a wonderful "voice"!) This will be 
an event to remember and a high energy, meaningful, joyful, communication celebration for all!
Basic Programs:
Schools - Churches - Business Meetings - Conferences
Child/Adult Day Care - Nursing Homes - Family Gatherings & Birthdays -  Any Group &/or Event!

Drum Circles  
All ages.  All abilities. All inclusive.  Participants are guided to help raise the potential of the whole group. No musical skills necessary!  Drumming together supports many themes that relate to building community, recognizing individual contribution and team building. A rhythm programs can be created to suit your space, population and theme. Any age, any size, any ability. This is a fee based service. Contact
Workshops focus on teaching drumming skills and ensemble play, or can be customized to support your theme. Typically last a bit longer than a drum circle presentation.
Special Programs
Elders - Drums bring vigor and joy to elders in adult day care, nursing homes, hospitals and other group settings.

Click link for a TV segment featuring RFU:
CH 58 Spotlight on Drumming

 Participation is encouraged and celebrated.  See the booklet that Tom wrote about his experiences sharing rhythm with elders affected by Alzheimers and other forms of dementia. Click here Rhythm Adventures Booklet.

"At Risk" Youth - The ritual of sharing themselves in a drum circle promotes positive exchanges between participants. The power of the drums opens communication avenues.
Special Needs Populations - physically or cognitively challenged adults or youth benefit from creating music together and celebrating the results.
Corporate/Business Programs -
Drumming can enhance and build teamwork at your next staff meeting, conference, or entertainment gathering. Whether you are looking for a team-building activity or feel-good celebration for your employees, nothing is a powerfully uniting as drumming together.  You will benefit from Tom's 15+ years of experience and thousands of circles as well as a education and work experience in the fields of engineering and advertising. Great way to demonstrate the power of working together.  Great reward for employees!

Fee Information by Request. Contact for Quote Via Email, Phone or Letter

Single Visit Programs
RFU can meet your needs!  Full hands-on participation for all group sizes: Small (less than 20), Medium (up to 50) or Large (depends on venue).   Presentation time can be a short "energizer" of 30 minutes, a 60-90 minute "standard" presentation or a 3 - 6 hour workshop.  Facilitation and instrument fee depends on total number of participants, type of instruments used, travel, site logistics, special program needs, etc.)

Multiple Group (or Visit) Programs
Schools, Churches, etc.: Multiple classes at one school, such as "High Interest Days", teacher in-service and similar events where different groups rotate through a workshop or rhythm circle. Circles can be for a single class or grade, or as a "rotating assembly" where multiple classes come to a common location, such as a gym.  Also offering residencies with multiple visits leading to a grand "performance/demo" finale or "passing the torch" by teaching facilitation techniques to circle participants. 

More specific fee info, client list and references available on request:

Contact (Call, "e" or visit)
Tom Gill • 1325 N. 72nd St., Wauwatosa, WI  53213 • 414-774-8848 Email: