Milwaukee-Drum Meetup

Click link above to go there.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!  It's an easy to visit and navigate online drum announcement service, a calendar you can check anytime and a discussion forum if you want to “chat” or share thoughts on drumming.  There is a cost to maintain this service, so an occasional donation would be a good gesture and insure the future convenience of this service.  Kristie Vosburg is the current administrator.  Russ Anderson and Tom Gill are also helping out with maintaining the site's info.
Here is original explanation of Meet Up from founder Glenn McCulloch:  It is an easy and safe way to find out what is happening. Kristie Vosburg, Russ Anderson and Tom Gill have signed on to help list organized events. Many thanks to them, and to you all for supporting local drumming events.  If you have not already signed up on Meetup, please take a moment and check it out. It is nothing like Facebook or Myspace. You have full control of everything. Very Simple. If you know of an event that you would like to see posted, let one of the organizers know, and they will review it and post. I wish to limit what is posted to only group drumming events and classes. Members are always free to start discussions on most an topic. We would also love to post your drumming photos. It is easy to sign up, and free for all. 

Chicago area has several drum meetups and there are meetups for specific types of drumming, such as Shamanistic, etc.

Go to Meetup and search for drum with mileage parameters for your location.